Jenny & Keira, love these girls!!!

What a lovely day last week I had photographing the wedding of Jenny & Keira. There whether as lovely, well for October, such a pretty venue which I had not had the pleasure of before. Funny funny friends and family and it was fantastic to see the couple that recommended my to Jenny & Keira there too. Its always nice when I get to meet past clients at new clients weddings! I loved the girls contrasting suits, joyous nature and their love shining through out the day. Im still wondering about who ate all the Doughnuts? Thanks again ladies it was a pleasure! Adam xx

Jenny and Keira’s lovely chillded day

Just a quick post in my break at Jenny and Keira’s wedding at The Crown Inn, Pishill. What a beautiful day to spend with some amazing people!! Super chilled, super place, super people! I love days like this!! Right back to it!  

Quick veiwbfrom the back of he camera

Quick veiwbfrom the back of he camera

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Julie & Timmy, running together

So I didn't know that a few years ago recommending a restaurant to my friend would lead all the way to this point in his life. There are few occasions in your life that you can say that you actually made a difference and that you truly helped someone, im really happy I know about restaurants! I had the pleasure of seeing my pal Timmy marry the love of his life Julie on Saturday and I was honoured that he asked me to capture the special moments of thiner day!

We started the day at The Garth in Bicester in glorious sunshine and had some messing about in the park to get some great shots of them, Timmys legs though! Then off to the Trigger Pond for the celebrations to continue. We took the opportunity to have some shots near the duck pond there, next time I bring my wellies as the mud is very deep as my shoes found out!

I think you will agree they both look amazing and are such a great couple together!


Best of luck and love for your future together!!


Adam x