Sophie and Joe's excellent day in OXfrodshire

So yesterday I had the privilege of being the wedding photographer at Sophie and Joe's wedding. We started the day with some easy going shots whilst the girls got ready, a few laughs especially from Grandad! Then off to take their wedding photogrpahers St Edburgs Church in Bicester for the ceremony, which is a lovely old church dating back to the 10th Century! It was a nice change to be photographing a a wedding in Oxfordshire for a change! Nice to be on home turf for  while!  We had a little detour Brill Hill to do a quick portrait overlooking Buckinghamshire then we arrived at the Thame Barn Centre for the party! What a great bunch of people to spend a day with, really lovely and fun people to be with! I managed to steal Sophie and Joe away from the parry for a few minutes to get some portraits of them, which I know you will agree have turned out great!! All in all a fantastic Saturday!!!


Thanks again Sophie and Joe for letting me be part of your special day! Enjoy your honeymoon, Im realllllly jealous!

Adam AbbottComment
What a couple, what a dress, what a sunset, what a day!!!

So I am just returned from a trip to photography the wedding of Dikla and Phils' wedding in Aughton, near Ormskirk. I have the pleasure today to upload some teasers photos of their wedding photography! What a day it was, the venue is spectacular, if you are in that area you should check it out for your wedding. It was super professional with lovely staff, attention to detail and lots of places to get some great images! Dikla looked amazing in her Israeli dress, I cant wait to capture the images of her wearing it when I go to Israel for the second leg of them getting married in October! I cant wait to see what the light is like there!


This again for letting me be part of your wedding day celebrations!!

Enjoy the lakes and Ill see you in October!


Georgina and Micheal's super sunny wedding day!

Yesterday I had the privilege of photographing the wedding Georgina and Mikes wedding fist at a beautiful Church in Steventon, Oxfordshire, I was made most welcome by Phil, cheers! Then of to the Cosener's House, Abingdon for the reception. Im sure you will agree that Georgina looked absolutely amazing! Mike scrubbed up pretty well too! The day was lovely with great people really getting into the spirit of a great party! I think I heard the funniest line at a wedding this year curtesy of Mr 'Baby Butler' and I quote "Its too hot to be playing football in this heat, its hard enough being fat"Well i'm glad I wasn't drinking anything when I heard that!! Super funny!! Thanks again Georgin & Michae for letting me capture your wedding!!! Adam xxx

What you need to know about your engagement ring

 Diamond Engagement Ring

Most engagement rings have and always be diamonds but do you know why? It's not perhaps what you might think - diamonds are the hardest of the gems and they symbolise a long lasting union. Many people believe that it is in fact the extravagance of diamonds that make them the perfect gem for an engagement ring. In Jewish tradition - their wedding bands are plain and simple gold rings to assure the grooms family the bride is not marrying him for his money.