Lovely, lovely, lovely wedding at Bicester Hotel and Spa with Ramona and Damian

Busy in Bicester! Busy In Oxfordshire!

We have had a busy and really lovely week, an engagement shoot, planning more of the same and a wedding to boot! Lots of fun at Ramona and Damian's wedding at Bicester Golf and Spa last week. They had chosen an non traditional reception with Romanian food and entertainment which was really fun! The dancing and the music was absolutely crazy fun with super fast feet every where!

Crazy fast Romaninan dancing 

Ramona and Damian were such a lovely laid back couple, nothing fazed them the whole day through, they make a great couple and were super fun! A quick tip for the brides and grooms to be; if you are having an spring wedding make sure there are plenty of brollies hanging around as we all know the English weather!