So have you missed me then?

Loads of fun with Angelica and Chris in London!

Popped into London for an Engagement shoot

Sorry we have been absent on the blog for a few weeks with it being the middle of the wedding season. So we have been to weddings here, there and everywhere with the engagement shoots hot on the heels of the weddings! 

Palaces, Pubs and Crutches

So in London last week on the crutches (hurt the knee) makes for an interesting shoot but it goes to show that nothing will stop us from ensuring that our brides and grooms get the shoot that we have been entrusted with. If you are down in London, I can recommend dropping in at the Imperial pub on the New Kings Road, great service, food and drinks well worth the trip! We did most of the shoot in and around the Fulham Palace, lovely place for a wander and a shoot!

Brill Hill Craziness 


Real bonkers session with these two loons! 

Paint powder fuelled photo shoot

We spent an hour or so with Steph and Matt on Brill hill to capture some crazy images for their engagement shoot. We got the inspiration from the Holi festival in India where coloured paint powder is thrown at the participants so we thought we would give it a go too! It was very funny and we got some great images! So now I'm thinking that smoke grenades are the next thing!!