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Amber & John get hitched, in a galaxy far far away

I had such a wicked day yesterday, capturing the images from Amber & Johns wedding! Star wars, Tourists, Oxfords oldest Pub and plenty plenty of laughing!!! 

Here are a few snippets from a wonderful wonderful day with amazing people! 


Sarah and Sanjay Tie the knot!!!!

So what a lovely day yesterday! The marriage of Sarah and Sanjay was lovely, beautiful autumn wedding in and amazing location, Thce Clock Barn an ideal location for wedding photogrpahy like mine! The food, drinks, people were amazing not to mention the ace shoes that Sarah had! It started with some heavy rain but the day, like Sara and Sanjay brightened up my day as the day went on! Some excellent shapes were thrown on the dance floor, especially by Sanjays Dad to Bob Marley! Go Mr Soni!!! Super day to get some amazing images for some amazing people! 

Some nice things we have done this year

We were doing some house keeping on the website and thought that we would give you all a little of what we have been up to! Some amazing weddings with some amazing people! Please feel free to tag yourselves and your friends!

Lovely to do what I do

I am so lucky to really love what I do for a living! Getting to be part of a day where people show their love for each other is truly special. I never fail to leave with out a big smile on my face and this weeks wedding at The Bay Tree Hotel was no exception. Alex and Amanda are two lovely people who deserve only the best that life can throw at them! It was nice to be photographing  a wedding in the Cotswolds for a change rather than Oxford. Good luck you two! x