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Food glorious food, a great day spent with Greens catering.

Food photography makes us hungry!

 We were asked to by @greenscatering to come and document the new dishes that they've put together for their new menu and what a treat it was! 

The problem with food photography

Seeing this gorgeous food being trooped out for me to photograph needs really strong will power and cast iron determination not to snaffle all the lovely dishes in from of you! The food ranged from amazing canapes to the prettiest of panna cottas served in a new way; in a bowl with delicate fruits,  meringues and flowers all over it! Bravo to Mike!!!

Recommendations ahoy with this kind of food and professionalism on offer

I would recommend the guys over @greenscatering for your next event as you can see the food looks amazing and believe me tastes just as good too! 


Salmon and creme fraiche cones

Salmon and creme fraiche cones